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01 Jul

What is too old for Giant stuffed animals

Childhood is a time for innocence, fun and play - lots and lots of playing. Playtime can consist of outdoor pursuits like sports such as basketball, softball catch or badminton. Other games such as tag, dodge-ball and hide-and-seek are also hugely popular with younger kids. In addition to outdoor games, many children enjoy playing indoors, whether it be with building blocks or board-games.

In addition to these play games, most kids will have toys and many plush toys at a young age. Giant Stuffed animals are not only cute, they can be incredibly fun for kids to play with. In fact, many plush characters even take on the role of a close and loving friend -- similar to the toy cowboy Woody in the Toy Story movies where Andy, the little boy, bonds with his toys.

Although giant plush characters really don't talk or move on their own, kids have fun by developing a persona for the toy during play-times. For instance, they use their own voice to not only make an animal sound, but also to make it talk and seemingly come to life.

Unfortunately, kids eventually grow up and there will come a time when the toys and play games are just a thing of the past.

Yet, many young and grown adults still hold on to their plushies and childhood toys. Consider the following tips below when debating just how old is too old for giant stuffed animals with friends and family.
04 Jun

How to Take Care of Your Large Stuffed Animals

Large or Giant Stuffed animals are often very cute and playful .Large Stuffed animals are timeless classics for little children, even for older children. Although they are so cute, they get neglected at times. If you like your giant stuffed animal a lot and you can't get a pet, here are some tips to help take care of your new friend:


1. Do not wash in the washing machine

2. Take to a professional cleaner to ensure that your large stuffed animals are cleaned properly.

3. Make sure to not leave your large stuffed animal in the direct sunlight.

4. Don't let let your animals be used as a chew toy.


These are the basics if you have any questions feel free to give us a message.



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19 May

Why a life-like Giant Stuffed Animal Brings a Smile to Anyone's Face

The special appeal of the giant stuffed animal reaches people of all ages, from tiny tots to seniors. The life-like toys offer an educational value over cartoon figures and look more like a treasured pet.

The unique attraction of a giant stuffed animal comes from its hugable size. Little kids can climb or sit on a giant stuffed wolf, giant stuffed lion or giant stuffed panther. The toy can play a role in games, storytelling, puppet theater, homeschooling and school projects.

A giant stuffed animal makes a great bolster on the bed or couch, serving as a fun decorating feature for adults. Huge plushies make a wonderful conversation piece for home or travel. A life-like giant stuffed panther, giant stuffed lion or giant stuffed wolf sitting in the passenger seat on a road trip will get a smile at toll booths and parking lots.

Memories of the big plush prizes at carnivals and fairs make people smile at these toys. Most people have tried to win a giant stuffed animal or have received one as a gift, so the memories and happiness pour in when they look at this toy. The animals also have associations from children's stories, folk tales, movies and trips to the zoo, giving them an added impact.

Parents feel confident in giving these safe plush toys. They are soft, cuddly and feel warm when a child or adult curls up with the toy for a nap. These quality toys have soft fur, big eyes and friendly faces, so they won't scare small children.

They add to the fun of teaching little ones the names of animals and how to pet animals safely and be gentle with a pet's ears and face. They're a great practice pet, or a substitute for a pet where pets aren't allowed. They are much less expensive and time consuming, as they don't require to be walked, have a litter box changed, vet visits or food shopping.

Made of non-toxic materials, a giant stuffed wolf, giant stuffed panther or giant stuffed lion is a safe, fun toy for children of all ages. Having a big friend in their bed may help children overcome a fear of the dark, loneliness in a new home, jealousy over a new baby and other childhood challenges.

These giant toys make great gifts for retirees, too, for a maintenance-free companion animal to make a home feel more personal. They make fun, spirit-lifting gifts for a child or adult in the hospital.

A giant animal can even serve as an extra kid's seat or as a foot rest. Plush toys are easy to clean. Light soiling wipes off with a damp cloth and mild soap. A brief outing in the sun helps to restore a giant stuffed animal's fresh scent.

These toys make fun gifts to give as well as receive. A child or adult can be the life of a birthday party with a giant panther, giant lion or giant wolf as a gift or prize.